Caroline Guth

Painting, sculpture & philosophy


Born on 20 October 1975 from a family of artists, my work is characterized on one hand by an early artistic practice. As I was very young, I was initiated to drawing and painting by my mother and the practice of fashion sketches with my cousin. Practising portrait regularly since the age of nine, I discovered at the end of my adolescence the Renaissance great masters of including Titian. However, my most decisive influence comes from Caravagists. I admire their violent aesthetics, their staging and effects of chiaroscuro exalting the body and providing a particular intensity to volumes. As a young adult, I was also very sensitive to the unique aesthetic of Viennese modernism painters such as Schiele and Klimt, and in particular to the ambiguity of female eroticism and exaltation of femininity that emerges from their art. On the other hand, my work reflects my childhood marked by a complex family identity. Close to my maternal grandmother (born in Algeria and descendant of a Martinican slave) at a very early stage, I realized the tragedy of existence, racism, uprooting, and the sense of a black identity. Moreover, coming from a family where men were absent and therefore lacking of differentiating reference, I wondered early about the meaning of the mismatch between woman being and woman becoming, as well as the significance of the idea of femininity, perception of the female body as an object of desire and of erotic and aesthetic pleasure, and thus about the alienation coming from it. 


My Career as artist and philosopher

23 Jun- 5 Jul 2015: "Mono" Collective Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, E27DG LONDON.

May 2015: I received a French bronze medal "Chevalier Art Science Lettres", (

11-16 Déc. 2014:  "Chimera" Collective exhibition, Espacio Gallery, E27DG LONDON.

13 - 26 Oct. 2014:  Private exhibition, Lauderdale House, Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill, London N6 5HG.

11-16 Sept 2014: "A Conscious Identity" Collective Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, E27DG LONDON

February 13th- 18th 2014: Collective exhibition, Espacio Gallery, E27DG LONDON.

October 2013: Collective exhibition, Musée des Beaux Arts, Okinawa, JAPAN.

June 2013: Open studio London and Private exhibition, L'Achronique, 75018 PARIS.

April 4th - 9th 2013 : Collective Exhibition, Espacio Portrait, Espacio Gallery (159 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG)

November 2012 to February 2013 : Private Exhibition L'Auberge (Upper Richmond Road, London)

October 2011 - 2012: Chaired debate in philosophy of art and oil painting workshop (Londres Accueil, French association in London) 

October 2011: Exhibition of Plastic Art Salon (Chatillon, France) 

September 2009 - June 2011: Chaired philosophical debates on art (Café des Arts, Rrose Selavy Workshop, Paris /

March 2011: Private Exhibition (Atelier Caroline Guth Paris, France) 

November 2010: Chaired a conference on "artistic creation in Contemporary Art" (Institute of Visual Arts of Orleans, France ; 

April 2010: Exhibition at Plastic Art Salon (Chatillon, France) 

June 2009: Anne Anderruthy Exhibition Workshop (Paris, France) 

March 2009: Private Exhibition (Paris, France) 

2008: Participation in a project on Women Creators of Culture 

November 2008: Anne Anderruthy Exhibition Workshop (Paris, France) 

2008 - 2009: beginning of professional artistic activity as a painter and sculptor 

2004 - 2007: Professor of Philosophy (Academy of Reims, France) 


My Training

2008 - 2010: Stone carving (Workshop Dominique Rivals, Malakoff, France) 

2006 - 2008: Preparing for the "Agregation" of Philosophy (French topflight philosophy certificate) with a major in Philosophy of Art (Sorbonne University, Paris, France). 

           Sculpting live models (Earth and Fire Workshop, Paris, France) 

           Traditional painting techniques classe (private workshop, Paris, France) 

2002: Master of Philosophy at the Faculty of Paris X Nanterre, major in Philosophy of Culture. 

1993 - 1995: Sculpture and painting courses (Beaux-Arts Academy, Troyes, France)